What to do and See in Lake Chapala Jalisco

Welcome to Things to do in Lake Chapala Mexico by the Lake side, this is a perfect setting for some great vacations some miles away from the always partying place, lots of watersports all around to keep you fun busy, or just sit back and relax in a palapa, any shade.

Lake Chapala Golf Course - best Things to do in Lake Chapala Mexico
Some of the best Things to do in Lake Chapala Mexico is to try the food at any of the many restaurants will provide any food and veberages in case you want to try some margaritas by the beach or try some local fresh seafood.

Lake Chapala Golf Country Club

Golf have become one of the best Things to do in Lake Chapala Mexico, becoming overtime one of the favorite things to do while on vacations and Lake Chapala Golf Country Club is attracting more and more people turning this activity one of the most important activities of the destination.

Lake Chapala Hiking Trails

One of the most requested Things to do in Lake Chapala Mexico is Hiking, taking the mountain as a backdrop, it becomes an almost difficult experience to reject, walking through several paths and climbing to the highest parts enjoying the scenery and the beautiful views that it offers us.
Hiking Lake Chapala
Being able to appreciate the great beauty that the lake of Chapala offers us, as well as to see the different villages in the distance and later the different tonalities that the sunset offers us.

Undoubtedly, being able to appreciate this lake not only from its waters, but from the highest points, is one of the most recommended activities that can be done. For this it is ideal to have a good physical condition, as well to be able to enjoy even more without difficulty. There is a Lake Chapala Hiking Club where you could find more detailed info about Lake Chapala Hiking Trails like Sendero “La Cristina” and El Tepalo.


Hiking Lake Chapala

Horseback Riding in Chapala

Mounting a horse along the shore of Lago de Chapala has been for years one of the favorite Things to do in Lake Chapala Mexico for visitors, especially people who visits from Guadalajara, what goes with the sole idea of ​​spending an afternoon Horseback Riding in Chapala, and enjoying the beauty What destiny provides.

And taking the opportunity to enjoy a good meal accompanied by family and friends.


Walking around Malecon Chapala

Walking around Malecon Chapala

This activity of visiting walking along the Malecon Chapala of the town of Chapala, is one of the favorite Things to do in Lake Chapala Mexico of All the visitors, you will find what to do as being able to take advantage of enjoying the beautiful views that it is giving us, observing the birds and the Fishermen’s boats.

Besides being able to contemplate the great quantity of products that a local market offers, in which we can find the most diverse articles of handicrafts, of clothes, typical sweets and the traditional Nieve de Garrafa, and an extensive traditional gastronomic offer of the region.


Best Things to do in Lake Chapala Mexico

Enjoy a day walking thru nature in a very safe enviroment where you will get professionally travel advisory by local experts. Lot´s of birs, animals, and insects. Hours of fun in the wild awaits you. Grab some guide in town and find what to do in Lake Chapala, let the guide walk you for the best paths of the trail, so you won´t get lost. It is a nice and safe tour if you want to try something different than what the local towna offers.

Best Eating and Drinking in Paradise.

There is a great offer of Things to do in Lake Chapala Mexico, you will find what to do all the time, one for example is to enjoy of the great food and drinks, there are lots of culinary options from mexican food to international and from fast food to fine dinning options.


Best Tourist Attraction to Visit

Thinking about the Attractions, and well the entire destination that is the Jalisco will take long to see and experience with so many places to see and great Things to do in Lake Chapala Mexico.


Best Tourist Attractions all around the shore

A destination such as this Lago with so many little towns and fishing villages surrounded by nice natural beauties all along the Jalisco, combining the best lake beaches where everyone has its own flavor and the attractions by itself are different from one place to another.


What to see in Jalisco Mexico

Wherever you go, you will see lots Tourist Attractions the beauty and like depends of everyone likes where some will like to relax and stay the whole day lying back at the beach just watching the lake and other getting deep into it, exploring thru several trail paths and roads into the hills and shores visiting and enjoying the lagoon watching the wildlife in its natural habitat.

Charales Lago de Chapala- Lake Chapala Attractions

One of the best Attractions is it´s weather, anytime of the year is great to come and visit this Lago.

It might be a little hot and humid during the summer time and maybe have a little rain sometimes tropical storms, besides that, the rest of the year is nice and mild enjoying at the local attractions more than just stay locked instead of just be locked into a hotel room watching tv will put and fill with all kind of experiences to colour your vacations exploring and connecting with new things and places.


Malecon de Chapala Jalisco - Lake Chapala Tourist Attractions

Lake Chapala Malecons

The boardwalk on the Riviera of Chapala Lake this favorite place that brings together a large number of visitors and families who visit this destination to see the beauties that the lake near Guadalajara offers.


Malecon Ajijic

Malecon Ajijic

The Boardwalks are favorite Tourist Attractions since it facilitates the ability to walk along the entire riviera, while appreciating the panorama of the place, making these places a very special meeting point to have a good time and relax, exercise, sit and read a good book or appreciate a good sunset.


Malecon Jocotepec

Malecon Jocotepec

Each main town of this lake has its own Malecón from which different perspectives can be appreciated having different views of the lake, and they are very welcome to visit them, from the typical Chapala Jalisco Malecón, to the Malecón de Ajijic, and the Jocotepec Malecón.


Sierra de San Juan Cosala

Sierra de San Juan Cosala

It is a small mountain range that frames the beauties of the place, which is one of the main Attractions for people who like hiking and trekking from which they can appreciate beautiful views of the town and its villages that are located on the riviera.


Monumento a Mike Laure

Monument to Mike Laure

One of the stars legends of rock and roll of the late 50’s has this monument and is part of the Attractions at the Malecon of Downtown Chapala.

This musician influenced by Chuck Berry, who in the early sixties decided to experiment with tropical rhythms like cumbia, achieve a fusion which led him to be baptized as the “king of the tropics” together with his group “Los Cometas”.  This monument is located on the Malecón of the town of Chapala.


Foco Tonal

Foco Tonal

Next to the Riviera of the Lake is one of the most interesting Attractions is a cosmic energy center, of which you can find others in other parts of the world such as China and Chile.

These Foco Tonal are the circles on the Earth in which a phenomenon occurs that when standing in the center, and when emitting some sound, this seems to have an echo, the effect is like being surrounded by walls or inside a tube but being outdoors.

It is said that these places are points where cosmic energy arrives, which provokes the recharging of energy and even healing of actions and pain, while others comment that it is only an acoustic effect.


Chapala Yacht Club

Chapala Yacht Club

One of the first yacht clubs opened in the 60s mainly by people from Guadalajara and local families, and has become a favorite place to visit for its facilities and amenities such as restaurants, football fields and beautiful facilities.

This is like having your own marina far from the sea and all the attractiveness that you have towards people.


isla de los alacranes

Isla de los Alacranes

Attractions all around the place in addition to its beautiful villages in Chapala like Ajijic and Jocotepec, this lake has some very traditional islands such as the Isla de los Alacranes, a very special place in one of the largest lakes in Mexico.

From there you can appreciate some sunsets and stunning views of the location inside the lake.

And part of fun with boat tours from the Chapala dock which makes an excellent opportunity to appreciate the wildlife especially the exotic birds that live in the lake.

The name of Alacran is due to its shape that resembles a scorpion, you can find small restaurants that offer typical Chapala food from the traditional charales and fish cooked to taste.

The island is also a ceremonial place of the Wixárika culture, so that very interesting legends and traditions can be found and told in this place.

Along with the Isla de Los Alacranes, there are two other islands that are Isla Mezcala and the La Isla Menor.

As you may notice, there are lot of great Things to do in Lake Chapala Mexico to keep you enjoying of this great tourist destination, we just mentioned the most popular choices, but there are more to do and to discover by the Lake of Chapala.


Lake Chapala Golf Carts

A fun and enjoyable way to enjoy Lake Chapala is undoubtedly Golf Carts, which as well as other tourist locations such as Sayulita make for a more pleasant experience when visiting these destinations.

The big advantage with these little cars is to be able to explore every corner without having to deal with problems such as car traffic, parking places and other problems related to rental cars.

a more fun way and move and enjoy the weather and the corners that offer the various points next to Lake Chapala.

Beyond the fun that can be for up to 4 people walking freely in their carts, it is the factor that are environmentally friendly to do electric.

They are also quite convenient because the various companies that offer this service can deliver directly to the door of their accommodation, so if the fun begins just cross the door.