What to do in Lake Chapala Jalisco

Welcome to one of the best Things to do in Lake Chapala Mexico by the Lake side.

This is a perfect setting for some great vacations some miles away from the always partying Lake Chapala, lots of watersports all around to keep you fun busy, or just sit back and relax in a palapa, any shade.

Many restaurants will provide any food and veberages in case you want to try some margaritas by the beach or try some local fresh seafood.

Lake Chapala Golf Course - best Things to do in Lake Chapala Mexico

Lake Chapala Golf Course

Have become one of the best things to do in Lake Chapala Mexico in the destination, becoming overtime one of the favorite things to do while on vacations and is attracting more and more people turning this activity one of the most important activities of the destination.

Hiking Lake Chapala

Hiking Lake Chapala

One of the most requested things to do in Lake Chapala Mexico is Hiking, taking the mountain as a backdrop, it becomes an almost difficult experience to reject, walking through several paths and climbing to the highest parts enjoying the scenery and the beautiful views that it offers us, being able to appreciate the great beauty that the lake of Chapala offers us, as well as to see the different villages in the distance and later the different tonalities that the sunset offers us.

Undoubtedly, being able to appreciate this lake not only from its waters, but from the highest points, is one of the most recommended activities that can be done.

For this it is ideal to have a good physical condition, as well to be able to enjoy even more without difficulty.


Hiking Lake Chapala

Horseback Riding in Chapala

Mounting a horse along the shore of Lago de Chapala has been for years one of the favorite things to do in Lake Chapala Mexico of visitors, especially people who visits from Guadalajara, what goes with the sole idea of ​​spending an afternoon riding, and enjoying the beauty What destiny provides.

And taking the opportunity to enjoy a good meal accompanied by family and friends.


Walking around Malecon Chapala

Walking around Malecon Chapala

This activity of visiting walking along the Malecon of the town of Chapala, is one of the favorite activities of All the visitors, you will find what to do in Lake Chapala as being able to take advantage of enjoying the beautiful views that it is giving us, observing the birds and the Fishermen’s boats.

Besides being able to contemplate the great quantity of products that a local market offers, in which we can find the most diverse articles of handicrafts, of clothes, typical sweets and the traditional Nieve de Garrafa, and an extensive traditional gastronomic offer of the region.


Best Things to do in Lake Chapala Mexico

Enjoy a day walking thru nature in a very safe enviroment where you will get professionally travel advisory by local experts.

Lot´s of birs, animals, and insects. Hours of fun in the wild awaits you.

Grab some guide in town and find what to do in Lake Chapala, let the guide walk you for the best paths of the trail, so you won´t get lost.

It is a nice and safe tour if you want to try something different than what the local towna offers.


Best Eating and Drinking in Paradise.

There is a great offer of activities, you will find what to do in Lake Chapala all the time, one for example is to enjoy of the great food and drinks, there are lots of culinary options from mexican food to international and from fast food to fine dinning options.


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