Hotel Villa del Angel Ajijic Mexico Bed and Breakfast

Villa del Angel Ajijic is a nice Bed and Breakfast in Chapala Jalisco Lake that offers the ambiance of a true european villa with cantera columns & arches throughout, high ceilings with detailed paintings and a warm welcoming feeling of old world charm and elegance.
Hotel Villa del Angel Ajijic Bed and Breakfast
Our home is a beauty from every angle so come on down and share it with us. Whether lounging pool side, gazing at our on sight chapel or meditating on the grass under a 60 ft star pine, Villa del Angel will take your breath away.

Located in Ajijic on the shore of Chapala Lake in Jalisco, Mexico is this Bed And Breakfast hotel in which one can enjoy large gardens, outdoor pool and Wi Fi wireless internet service inside. of its facilities.

For visitors who do not know exactly where this magical town of Ajijic is located, it is only 27 km away from the city of Chapala, the largest town on the lake.


Accommodations at Villa del Angel Ajijic

You can enjoy the various accommodation options that this Bed And Breakfast hotel offers, find 6 guest rooms and 2 apartments that besides being a pleasant enough experience to enjoy its decoration and comfortable beds, you will enjoy beautiful views towards the lake or towards the garden.

It will be a place of rest that you will remember for a long time enjoying its luxurious beds furniture and decoration that harmonizes with room.

Several types of rooms from where we can find Casita King, Bodega King, Queen Grotto, Queen Lago, King Lago.

Those who provide all the necessary skills to enjoy your stay at this hotel.



Like all breakfast included in that type of accommodation, enjoy a healthy way to start the day, with a delicious breakfast made with organic ingredients that are obtained of the region as a way to provide you with the freshest and most nutritious and, above all, healthy food during your stay.

In addition The menu has a vegan and gluten-free selection.


Swimming Pool

One of the amenities that most guests enjoy is undoubtedly the pool, which is maintained at a pleasant temperature by an ecological solar heater, in addition to being a chlorine-free pool by using a European-style process with which to clean the waters and the need for some type of chemical that may be harmful to the health of the guests.


High Speed ​​Internet

in this accommodation know the importance is currently connected to the internet, and provide connection service within the whole property, so that you are connected with your family and the outside world if you wish so can connect all your devices that you want to bring.

Purified Water

The water found in the rooms directly from the tap is purified with a micron filter and ultraviolet light sanitizer.

In addition the water to drink, the entrance even more and purified by reverse osmosis.

You can enjoy Villa del Angel Ajijic in addition to the rooms, its comfortable common areas both inside and outside, in your gardens and has a living room with cable TV with programming in English.

Part of the attraction of this place is located a high part could not enjoy panoramic magazines both Lake Chapala and the surrounding mountains making this place in addition to a point of relaxation and rest, a place to appreciate the surrounding nature to this part of Lake Chapala and mainly in Ajijic.


Hotel Villa del Angel Ajijic Jalisco Mexico

This Lake Chapala accommodation is perfect to unwind and relax from the daily activities and the hustle and bustle of the city, Ajijic itself is a very quiet place to relax and recharge outside the city, and Villa del Angel could be like your house in Lago where you can feel at home.

Has all the necessary services for a good weekend In addition to representing an economic option in which is persecuted by many of its visitors for the value for money what you get in this hotel, you can enjoy beautiful evenings on your terrace enjoying the pool and gardens with your partner and your family to spend a weekend with an unforgettable night and the next day start your day with a rich breakfast at the hotel.

If you are thinking of traveling to Chapala Lake and you are outside Mexico or in some other state outside of Jalisco, the Guadalajara International Airport is relatively close, so a vacation at Lake Chapala or visiting friends is just a flight away and short travel by car.

Hotel Villa del Angel Ajijic Mexico

Lake Chapala Hotel Villa del Angel Mexico

Many couples visiting this place qualify as one of the most romantic and preferred places to spend a weekend, the spacious rooms and their large and comfortable beds serve as escape to the daily routine of their accelerated lives.

A great view in conjunction with the great kindness of its staff that attends, make one feel as if he is staying with his family or good friends.

Right from the Angel Villas you can enjoy views of Lake Chapala in all its splendor And you may realize what is a favorite place of many visitors.

This Bed And Breakfast represents a good starting point to walk through the streets of Ajijic and enjoy its charms and sunsets, without a doubt staying in an accommodation like this will be an experience worth repeating.



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