Best Lake Chapala Hotels in Ajijic Jalisco Mexico

Welcome to our selection of the Lake Chapala Hotels in Ajijic Mexico in the, a magical place in Mexico denominated as a Pueblo Magico, here find great accommodations for your vacations

Real de Chapala Hotel Ajijic

Real de Chapala Hotel

Welcome to Hotel Real de Chapala Ajijic Jalisco Mexico One of the best accommodations in the Ribera del Lago, a place undoubtedly created to relax and enjoy in a natural environment surrounded by many beauties characterize this place. A beautiful
La Paloma Bed and Breakfast Ajijic
Bed and Breakfast

La Paloma Ajijic

La Paloma Bed and Breakfast Ajijic Mexico Come to visit the lake of Chapala and stay at Hotel La Paloma Ajijic Mexico Bed and Breakfast  in which we are sure you will spend a good time of rest swimming in
Hotel Danza Del Sol Ajijic Jalisco Mexico
Bed and Breakfast

Hotel Danza del Sol

Hotel Danza Del Sol Chapala Jalisco Mexico Located with an unbeatable view towards the lake of Chapala, the Hotel Danza del Sol Ajijic, is just 5 minutes from Ajijic and about 9 km from the Malecon de Chapala is one
Casa Mis Amores Ajijic
Bed and Breakfast, Restaurants

Hotel Casa Mis Amores Ajijic

Best Bed and Brekfast in Ajijic Chapala Located in Ajijic, Hotel Casa mis Amores Ajijic  and Restaurant is located a short distance between the city of Chapala and San Juan de Cosalá it is a hotel decorated and furnished with

  • Casa Rana Casita

  • La Joya del Lago Apartments

  • Casa Vacacional De Alex En Chapala

  • Suites P&S

  • Villa Real

    Playa Escondida 45920 45920 Ajijic Jal. 7PW8+5P Ajijic Jalisco
  • Casa Campbell

    Prol. Lazaro Cardenas 48 Centro 45920 Ajijic Jal. 8P3V+CV Ajijic Jalisco
  • Caoba guesthouse in tropical gardens

  • Donaire Hotel Boutique

  • Escapada Ajijic

  • Eco Hotel Tahawi

  • Hacienda del Lago Boutique Hotel

  • Hotel del Pescador

  • Hotel La Riberena

  • La Joya del Lago

  • Hotel Casa Blanca

  • Real de Chapala

    Paseo del Prado 20 45920 Ajijic Jal. 7PVX+MJ Ajijic Jalisco
  • Hotel Lindo Ajijic Bed & Breakfast

  • Quinta barguz

  • Oasis at Casa del Zalate

  • Refugio en el corazon de Ajijic

  • Villa Corona

  • Villa del Angel

  • Villas Danza del Sol

  • Casa Michin

    De Los Angeles 63 Riberas del Pilar 45906 Ajijic Jal. 7QR9+XW San Antonio Tlayacapan Jalisco 01 33 3488 0854
  • Condominio UBER CHAPALA

    45906 Del Pilar 31 Riberas del Pilar 45906 Ajijic Jalisco 7QR9+9H San Antonio Tlayacapan Jalisco
  • Tahawi Salon Wedding and Events

    Paseo del Lago 170 Riberas del Pilar 45906 Ajijic Jal. 7QQJ+GC San Antonio Tlayacapan Jalisco 01 376 737 0479
  • Mision Chula Vista

    Lib. A Chapala Ajijic Jal. 8Q28+P8 San Antonio Tlayacapan Jalisco
  • Paradise villas

    Santa Monica 22 Riberas del Pilar 45906 Ajijic Jal. 7QQ9+X4 San Antonio Tlayacapan Jalisco 01 33 1545 8015
  • Chapala Country Club

    Paseo del Golf 5 45900 Chapala Jal. 7QW8+M7 San Antonio Tlayacapan Jalisco 01 376 763 5384

    Boulvard De Jin XI 64 45920 Ajijic Jal. 7PXX+R7 Ajijic Jalisco
  • Villa Eucaliptos

    16 de Septiembre 127 45920 Ajijic Jal. 7PWV+Q3 Ajijic Jalisco
  • Los Artistas B & B

    Constitucion 105 45920 Ajijic Jal. 7PXV+3F Ajijic Jalisco
  • La Nueva Posada Ajijic

    Donato Guerra 9 45920 Ajijic Jal. 7PWR+C8 Ajijic Jalisco
  • Lolitas Inn

    Guadalupe Victoria 73 45920 Ajijic Jal. 7PXV+Q4 Ajijic Jalisco
  • Casa Gobernador Ajijic

    45920 Francisco I. Madero 10 45920 Ajijic Jal. 7PWR+8V Ajijic Jalisco
  • Hotel Casa de la Abuela

    Galeana 75 45920 Ajijic Jal. 8P3Q+QX Ajijic Jalisco 01 376 766 1747

    Juarez 21 Centro 45920 Ajijic Jal. 8P3P+MR Ajijic Jalisco 01 33 2338 3871
  • Villa del Angel

    Privata Juarez 3 45920 Ajijic Jal. 8P3P+FF Ajijic Jalisco
  • Casa Tres Leones

    Emiliano Zapata #10 Between Calles Juarez and Tempisque 45920 Ajijic Jalisco 8P3P+72 Ajijic Jalisco 044 33 1350 6764
  • Hotel posada Las Calandrias

    Carr Jocotepec-chapala 8-22 45920 Ajijic Jal. 8P2P+G8 Ajijic Jalisco 01 55 3985 4616
  • Angel Flores Guest House

    angel Flores 5 Centro 45920 Ajijic Jal. 8P2P+QW Ajijic Jalisco 01 376 766 4425
  • Meson Don Quijote

    Zaragoza 29 45920 Ajijic Jal. 8P2Q+7J Ajijic Jalisco 01 376 766 5388
  • Casa Flores

    Zaragoza 38 45920 Ajijic Jal. 8P2P+82 Ajijic Jalisco
  • Ajijic Suites Hotel

    Hidalgo 72 Riberas del Pilar 45920 Ajijic Jal. 7PXM+VH Ajijic Jalisco
  • Casita Montana Hotel and Suites

    Carretera Oriente 1B 45920 Ajijic Jalisco 8P2Q+H2 Ajijic Jalisco 01 918 895 4089
  • Hotel Italo

    Guadalupe Victoria 8 Ajijic Centro 45920 Ajijic Jal. 7PXQ+WJ Ajijic Jalisco
  • Estrellitas Bed & Breakfast

    16 de Septiembre 18 45900 Ajijic Jal. 7PWQ+WG Ajijic Jalisco
  • Hotel Casa Mis Amores

    Hidalgo 22 45920 Ajijic Jal. 7PXP+RQ Ajijic Jalisco
  • Hotel Casa del Sol B B

    Javier Mina 7 45920 Ajijic Jal. 7PXR+C4 Ajijic Jalisco
  • La Nueva Posada Ajijic

    Donato Guerra 9 45920 Ajijic Jal. 7PWR+C8 Ajijic Jalisco
  • Quinta del Sol B&B

    Independencia 29 Ajijic 45920 Ajijic Jal. 7PXP+53 Ajijic Jalisco 01 376 766 0926
  • La Estancia Hotel

    Morelos 13 45920 Ajijic Jal. 7PWP+WV Ajijic Jalisco 01 376 766 0717
  • Casa Amable Hotel

    Ocampo 65 Centro 45920 Ajijic Jal. 7PXM+HX Ajijic Jalisco 01 376 766 1565
  • Ajijic Suites Hotel

    Hidalgo 72 Riberas del Pilar 45920 Ajijic Jal. 7PXM+VH Ajijic Jalisco 01 376 766 1920
  • Hacienda del Lago Boutique Hotel & Restaurant

    Independencia 63 Centro 45920 Ajijic Jal. 7PXJ+9G Ajijic Jalisco 01 376 766 0907
  • Casa Miura Hotel Boutique

    Calle Rio Nazas 15 Rancho del Oro 45920 Ajijic Jal. 8P2F+RX Ajijic Jalisco 044 33 3129 8623
  • Hotel Danza del Sol

    Zaragoza 165 Centro 45920 Ajijic Jal. 8P2G+49 Ajijic Jalisco 01 376 766 0440
  • Villas de Ajijic

    Linda Vista 14 San Antonio Tlayacapan 45920 Ajijic Jal. 7PXG+2F Ajijic Jalisco 01 376 766 0983
  • Casa Las Rocas

    Zaragoza 92 45920 Ajijic Jal. 8P2H+9F Ajijic Jalisco +1 813-600-0297
  • Finca La Riberena

    Paseo del Lago 42 La Canacinta Riberas del Pilar 45920 Ajijic Jal. 7PV5+GW Ajijic Jalisco 01 33 1200 0101
  • Hotel La Joya del Lago

    Rio Zula 3 45920 Ajijic Jal. 7PXF+5R Ajijic Jalisco 01 376 766 4011
  • Tim Hansen

    Calle El Bajio #9 45920 Ajijic Jal. 7PV3+2X Ajijic Jalisco 01 33 3452 9874
  • Villa Bugambilias

    45920 Ajijic Jalisco 7MQV+PJ Ajijic Jalisco
  • La pueblita

    Carr Jocotepec-chapala 961 Raquet Club Ajijic Jal. 7PW3+55 Ajijic Jalisco 01 33 9688 3310
  • Villa Laffitte

    LA CRISTINA 1 Jalisco 7MRX+V3 Ajijic Jalisco
  • Hotel del Pescador

    Carr Jocotepec-chapala 1008 Raquet Club 45921 Ajijic Jal. 7MRW+WC Ajijic Jalisco 01 376 106 1604
  • Casa Tonatiuh

  • Casa 8

    Marcos Castellanos 36 45920 Ajijic Jal. 8P2Q+RG Ajijic Jalisco 01 33 1892 3253
  • Hotel Ajijic Plaza Suites

    Colon 33 45920 Ajijic Jal. 8P2P+2W Ajijic Jalisco

This beautiful town in Lake Chapala, is one of the denaminated “Pueblo Magico”, or “Magical Town”, and is one of the best attractions in the shores of the Lake Chapala Jalisco.

Best Hotels in Ajijic Mexico
Many people loves to come just straight to this location, they preffer this location over downtown Chapala and Jocotepec.

They fell in love with the charm of this small location, and as many that love to comeback year by year, they have their own favorite places.

Boutique Hotels and Bed and Breakfast Accommodations

Bed and Breakfast and Boutique Hotels in Ajijic Mexico

There are no big Resort developments, most of them are small Lodges, boutique hotels, bed and breakfasts, villas and the always so popular vacation rentals, from small apartments to condos, nice villas and houses, All of the Hotels in Ajijic Jalisco Mexico have their own charm and flavor.


Lake Chapala Jalisco Mexico Hotels

Pueblo Magico town in the Lake Chapala Jalisco Mexico Hotels

Located around town, most of them are convenientelly located close to most popular locations, while some other are located close or just outside town, you will see some great spots all around with their own beauty of the surroundings.


Best season for Vacations staying at Lago de Chapala Hotels in Ajijic Jalisco Mexico

Mlst of the visitors comes during the winter season, as many like to flight south from their snowing places,which i think is nice, but as they say, too cold is too much, they preffer the warm weather down here in Chapala.

Some of them love the lifestyle in this little town, and they decide to stay more permantely, can’t blame them, it is nice there.

So take your time ahead when looking for the best time to book, like time in advance, location and rates that sometimes change from season to season.


Ajijic Mexico Hotels

Choose the best Accommodations in  Jalisco

The best way to enjoy this Pueblo Magico, it is not just to visit and see it, but living it, come for a few days and look why this locations is so popular, take your time to become a local, and enjoy this place just like if your were living for years.

Walk down the galleries close to your accommodation, and share your stories whit other visitors, they will be happy to sheer theirs.