Ajijic Mexico in Lake Chapala Jalisco

Welcome to Ajijic Jalisco Mexico a beautiful small town located in the Lake Chapala Jalisco  that have become a perfect vacation spot for resting and relaxing.

You may know it because all the retired people speaking about, this place as a great place to retire or to spend months of vacations away from the extreme colds that happens in the north every year.


Best Time to Visit Lake Chapala Ajijic Jalisco Mexico

Ajijic Mexico in Lake Chapala Jalisco
It is great to visit any time of the year, most of the population that are in the majority foreigners from United States and Canada love to spend the winter and snow season in their country in this place, but they love it so much that they choose to stay in Ajijic Jalisco Mexico even longer and invite more people to come and stay to invest and live in this beautiful spot.


Where is Ajijic Pueblo Magico

It is a small town located next to the Sierra Madre and Chapala Lake, is literally near La Floresta and the main town of Chapala City that is the municipal head of the region main commercial and tourist area of ​​the area due to the extensive development that is raised in this place Thanks to the preference and proximity of the city of Guadalajara.

Things to do in Ajijic

This Pueblo Magico of Ajijic Guadalajara at only 3 miles is one of the favorite places outside the city of Chapala, as the quiet part away from the bustling City.

A place just to rest and relax, and now thanks to the moderate and pleasant climate throughout the year, the perfect place to go to eat and enjoy an afternoon with friends or family traveling from Guadalajara.

This Pueblito has won the recognition of many foreigners who came out of curiosity to know this place and now they have made permanent place of permanence, here they found a mixture between the culture and the kindness of the people as well as the charm of its streets and houses with its beautiful facades the ideal place to spend an important part of your life.

Recently it has been incorporated in the title of Pueblo Magico and many will be able to agree in the recognition, since it is a program developed by the secretariat of tourism that together with other governmental instances contributed to raise the value and promotion of its small towns that as well as Ajijic Guadalajara they meet certain characteristics that distinguish it from others in the country.

It is a recognition already saturated to this Pueblito that has managed to save and preserve all the cultural and historical richness that certain traditional towns of Mexico have.

This is highlighted by having certain symbolic attributes, as well as a rich history, and above all the popular legends that can be enclosed and found in its streets, in its squares, and in each of its corners in conjunction with the enigmatic Lake Chapala.


Great Attractions and Things to do in Ajijic Pueblo Magico

The great attraction beside the Lake, is the town itself, with beautiful stone paved roads and the traditional country houses.


Ajijic Mexico

A small pier and boardwalk to enjoy a beautiful afternoon, where you can rent small boats and kayaks, and lot of shopping for souvenirs and traditional handcrafts.


This place as well as in many other destinations around the world, those small or long straits that are usually found in front of large bodies of water, has already, the sea, lakes or rivers.

They are a point of attraction that has amazed people for the attraction. What it feels like for large bodies of water.

It is relaxing to enjoy strolling along the Malecón contemplating the calm waters threads panoramas and colors What it offers from sunrise to sunset.

A place to spend with family, couple or friends that invites you to talk and enjoy in a relaxed atmosphere, and why not, enjoying the delicious Nieve de Garrafa so traditional and handmade  that are offered there.

It is a must to walk and enjoy the street of El Paseo, sit under the shade of the lush trees, have a picnic, enjoy the sunsets sitting on a bench, It is certainly a mandatory place to visit with the whole family.

Its location is just a few blocks from the main square of the town, so it will not be necessary to move outside this town, and can be visited as part of walking down the streets while enjoying this place and the beauty it offers.


Ajijic Mexico Attractions

Find How to get to Ajijic Jalisco Mexico from Guadalajara

Having the Guadalajara International Airport, and the city about 35 miles away, you can arrange from a private transportation.

Or rent a car if that is more convenient to for you to drive to Ajijic Pueblo Magico, there is a public bus transportation, that goes hopping off in every small town in the Chapala Lake, that you can take it, from the Guadalajara bus station and from International Airport.

There are many many companies that offer day trips to the Chapala Lake and visit every town in the riviera, or at least the most popular


Where is Ajijic Mexico on a Map

Where is Ajijic Mexico on a Map?

Known as being one of the Pueblos Magicos (Magic towns), in Jalisco, it is located right in the Chapala Lake, about one hour drive from Guadalajara City and even closer from the International Airport.

Find Where is Ajijic Mexico on a Map located in the state of Jalisco, and is part of the popular Chapala Lake, being this location one of the most popular among all the other places by the Lake, due the connectivity, location and the preferente anf popularity it has gained with visitors.


Lake Chapala Ajijic Jalisco Mexico

Find Where located in the Lake of Chapala on a Map with All the colours, the charm and taste of the old traditional towns are gathered in this picturesque place, here you will find the most popular spots in the area, a great place full of attractions and beautiful places.


Lake Chapala Ajijic Mexico Map